It's a lifestyle.

We are a lifestyle and movement that increases the awareness of cannabis and cannabinoid health benefits through carefully curated culinary experiences. We view food not only as dietary, but as a vehicle for medicinal cannabis dosage and consumption.


We reach our audience through community, catered dinners and events, vendor markets and more.

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  • Offer all humans--even pets--a safe way to consume cannabis that nurtures and balances their endocannabinoid system.

  • Create a company that is ageless and open, and grow a brand that gives back to our community and advocates for social justice. 

  • Consistently do the work and show up for cannabis and medical patients. 

  • Create a company for everyone. 

  • Ensure that everyone is asking the questions:

    • Why are we spending and working with this company?

    • What is it doing for us and my body?

    • Is it helping me or hurting me?

    • What are these ingredients?

    • Are they really supporting my system? 

  • Explore and discuss what our doctors are not talking about. 

  • Supply for the future of cannabis and natural holistic health. 

  • Promote universal recognition of cannabis as a natural plant and medicine containing nutrients relative to fruits and vegetables.



Working in compliance and directly with vendors to ensure affordable, nutritional and eco-conscious products. Shopping for ingredients in bulk to cut down on costs and carbon footprint. Looking for new ways to integrate compostable packaging and use less plastics.


Catering to all demographics and dietary needs such as offering diabetic edibles. Fighting for legal edibles in nursing homes and hospitals. Accepting food for food and doing the same for cannabis.


Fighting for a medical program that has our best interest in place!


Trial & Error. Lab testing products with MCR Labs for the past four years (No matter what form you use cannabis, you should always get it tested!)


Labeling all menu items and stating exact measurements so that we can be held accountable. 


Taking pride in using the best, most quality ingredients. Curating that special moment of sweet confections by moving away from the over-complicated food-system of dyes, alternative sugars, bleached flour, etc. 


Supporting those who are socio-economically disenfranchised. Challenging the American justice system.



Kimberly Barrett entered the cannabis industry through her love for food.

Growing up around the vast farmlands of Amherst/Hadley, Massachusetts, she was constantly surrounded by fresh produce. Raised with a farm-fresh mentality, she developed a deep love & appreciation for farmers, Mother Earth and agriculture.
Kimberly made her first batch of edibles at 18 years old upon discovering cannabis and its effects. She fell in love with the plant and its ability to help unwind the brain and relax--especially paired with music. Baking with it quickly helped her learn the safety precautions and responsibilities surrounding consumption.

Kimberly attended the Culinary Institute of America, graduating in 2010. She landed in New York City, working for companies like Dean & Deluca, Creative Edge, Pinch Food Design and HU Kitchen. Up through 2015 Kimberly gained invaluable experience; focusing primarily on being the best pastry chef. From 2015 to present, Kimberly has dedicated her time and energy to navigating and learning the cannabis industry. Her main goal is to produce the highest standard of medical-grade products. 

Kimberly felt strongly compelled to start creating cannabis-infused food after living with an elderly woman battling stage 3 breast cancer. She watched her suffer through the day-to-day pain, and remain reluctant to the aid of smoking medical cannabis. Kimberly grasped how much cancer physically hurts patients and takes over their entire system: mind, body and spirit. She realized the importance of identifying medical patients' 1-on-1 plan with cannabis and their goals from consumption.

A few years later, back at home in Massachusetts, Kimberly’s father would suffer a stroke on Christmas Day. Shockingly, her father’s doctor was not at liberty to discuss the benefits of CBD for stroke patients--regardless of being in a legalized state. From that moment she knew her mission was to challenge the American healthcare system and fight for cannabis legislation: to federally take it off Schedule 1. 

Enjoy was born. Kimberly put her 9-to-5 to the side and focused on being a full-time cannabis pastry chef. She began to combine good quality ingredients and medical-grade cannabis. She aims to offer safe and accessible cannabis-infused food. She is a strong advocate for the human right to nourish our endocannabinoid systems through health-conscious and educated consumption. An all-around "cannactivist," Kimberly strives to support other women and businesses in the industry, fight for legislation, and stay educated and up-to-date on cannabis science.

She’s on a journey which entails going into the unknown and being vulnerable!

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