Baked & BakedTM

In collaboration with Sasha B Photo, artist & food enthusiast who desired to make brunch for friends at their apartments. The simple idea was to all “get baked” while Kimberly and Sasha hosted & baked. Ticketed and taking place in a home environment, the events offer a sense of community for all.


The main goal is to have fun and break down walls while indulging in cannabinoids--psychoactive and/or non-psychoactive.

Cannabis consumers and non-consumers indulge in exceptional farm-to-table food and participate in games, awareness, giveaways, art and music. The events promote Good Vibrations, Wellness, Education & Sharing, and Holistic Health. They provide a memorable moment to share and learn about the benefits of cannabis in a safe space where everyone can talk about weed freely and equally. 

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Baked & Baked: Harvest

A Fall Harvest celebration featuring infused, farm-fresh dishes and desserts, joint rolling competitions, giveaways, collective painting and a DJ set.

Baked & Baked:

Pizza Party

An infused pizza party hosted by Vinnie's Pizza in Brooklyn featuring a hip-hop DJ set, games, giveaways and more.



presented by Enjoy, foxkult & BreadxButta

A 4/20 celebration featuring an infused, coursed buffet, tarot readings by Amunar Healing, tattoos by Chris Cutthroat, vendors and DJ sets from Zeni Karpuzi & Natasha Diggs of Soul in the Horn.

Tropical Leaves


Enjoy provides catering and pop-up vending for events and private dinners.


 Kimberly Barrett, Enjoy founder & chef, will work with you to create a specialized menu for your event and catering needs. Past clients include Han Dynasty Brooklyn x Ghostface Killah, Alchemist Kitchen/Bowery Cannabis Club,  Kawa Ni, New Society For Wellness, and more.

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